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How To Pray for the Bibleless

Translating the Bible is a daunting task with plenty of obstacles standing in the way. From language barriers, adequate training, availability of resources, and opposing dangers, there are many reasons that projects are hindered.

Pray About Everything

This year has found me feeling helpless in many ways. I often find myself wondering, "What can I do?"

Paul has the answer in his letter to the Philippians: Pray.

And one of the most beautiful things about prayer is this: you don't need to learn a new language, recite the right words, travel to a faraway land, or have any credentials whatsoever. You have the power here and now to impact your world for the better by the simple act of praying to the God who listens.

How to Pray for Bible Translation

There are endless ways to pray for God's word to reach the bibleless and this list is by no means exhaustive. But here are some different organizations' suggestions and ideas for making bible translation part of your regular prayer life.

Powered by Seed Company, #PrayforZero is a movement aimed at the 2,000 people groups left without the Bible and getting that number down to zero. At their site, you'll find downloadable prayer guides as well as the option to "Adopt a People Group" to pray for.

The BPPP was started by Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1982 and is still going strong. Their goal is "to recruit men, women and children to prayerfully lay the foundation for a translation program to begin in each of the world's Bibleless people groups," believing that prayer is the beginning foundation to any project.

The American Bible Society has an option to subscribe for regular updates and prayer requests from translation projects around the globe.

TEAM (The Evangelical Alliance Mission) has been sending missionaries to the ends of the earth for centuries!! Their blog has a helpful post of specific suggestions for praying for translation and linguistics missions, as well as an option to subscribe for monthly updates.

Wycliffe Associates is focused on accelerating bible translation and has an option to become a Prayer Watch Partner. PWPs are updated regularly with requests from translators and churches as well as WA staff and volunteers to support those working in Scripture translation.

Pioneer Bible Translators suggests picking a time each day to pray for the Bibleless. They offer daily prayer guides and Extreme Strategic Prayer Requests that you can read right off their website.

Pray for a Translation Worker

Contact your church or local missions organizations to see if they already support a bible translation worker. One of the most effective ways to pray for and support translation work is to get to know the people behind it. (And you're already doing that by being here!)

You may want to pray for someone from your own local area, denomination, or language. If your church isn't already connected with the work of bible translation, any of the organizations linked above can connect you with a specific missionary to pray for.

However you choose to pray for bible translation, know that God is listening (Jeremiah 29:12-13). On behalf of bibleless people around the world, thank you for your prayers.


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