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Bible Translation by the Numbers

Updated: May 14, 2021

A few weeks ago, a church in Nigeria requested that a local translator bring them the Lord’s Prayer translated into their mother tongue so they could use it during their worship service. While he was there, the believers became excited to learn more about the translation project and asked him to come back with more scripture as soon as he can.

Christians around the world are asking for God’s Word in their language.

Many of the projects already underway are hindered by a lack of translation consultants. Consultant checking is an essential part of the translation process that ensures accuracy to the biblical source texts and clarity in the target language. Every translation draft needs to be consultant-checked before it can be published, verse by verse. You can imagine how long this process takes, especially when there are not enough consultants to go around.

This is why I feel called to fill that need. But I can’t do it alone.

There are lots of ways to help. It may be by supporting someone like me, becoming a prayer partner for the Bibleless, or even becoming a translation consultant yourself!

Wherever your calling takes you, we know that God's word never returns empty. Let's pray for those who are still waiting.

Until All Have Heard,




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